LEFT: Owner/Chef Joshua Dalton CENTER: Chef Silas Caeton RIGHT: Bar Director Nicole Hollerman

LEFT: Owner/Chef Joshua Dalton CENTER: Chef Silas Caeton RIGHT: Bar Director Nicole Hollerman

Veritas Tavern is a small, thirty-eight seat restaurant located in Delaware, Ohio that opened in July 2012 with the intent of allowing the chefs the ability to have complete creative freedom. Veritas uses modern techniques, the best available products, creativity, and amazing cocktails to create a unique dining experience.

Six months after opening, Veritas was named “Best New Restaurant” by Columbus Monthly magazine, and then in December 2013 it was named “Number One Restaurant in Columbus” by Columbus Crave magazine.

Growing up in the South, Joshua Dalton was raised around some of the most flavorful food in the country. After moving to Columbus, Josh began to work his way through the local dining scene, and then, in 2009, he moved 30 minutes North to Delaware, Ohio and opened 1808 American Bistro. In 2012 he was fortunate enough to meet a few chefs that shared his desire to create a restaurant without any rules or boundaries, and Veritas Tavern was born.

Silas Caeton was born with a love of cooking and a passion for creativity. He credits much of his current knowledge to the foundation built spending hours helping in the kitchen as a child, the countless cookbooks he has read to date, and the amazing dinners he has eaten at restaurants he looks up to. Silas attended Columbus State in Columbus, OH, and graduated in 2012 after completing the 3-year culinary apprenticeship program. Upon graduating from school, he left his position as sous chef at Wedgewood Golf & Country Club to open Veritas Tavern.

Nicole began working in the Food and Beverage Industry at the age of 14. She continued to serve and bartend throughout High School, College, while employed at what she thought was her dream job as a Gallery Director, through first one graduate degree, and almost a second. While on break, she began working for Dalton at 1808 American Bistro. Before long, the plans for Veritas Tavern were in place and Nicole ultimately accepted a position and abandoned completion of her MFA. Since, she has eagerly and passionately embraced what she once thought of as just a job to get by, as her career.

At Veritas Tavern, we are committed to providing you a positively unique dining experience. Dishes are served as Small Plates in order to present you the opportunity to enjoy an assortment of our traditional and unexpected flavor combinations. While each dish stands alone, they are best consumed in succession with friends. We encourage sharing food, as it inevitably sparks conversation and community, transforming a meal into a memory. Our mission to accomplish a successful dish includes applying the use of the most classic and modern techniques. We are proud of our ingredients and strive to achieve clarity of flavor from each while purposefully choosing every plate’s elements. For us, a successful dish is not only a beautiful and delicious dish, but also one that serves as a catalyst in a journey of aesthetics, texture, and taste. Veritas Tavern does not accept requests for additions, subtractions, or substitutions. Please alert your server regarding any dietary restrictions.

Additionally, we thank you for your patience while waiting for your hand-crafted cocktail. Our juice is hand-squeezed, our syrups are house-made, we take care to make each drink with as much precision as possible. Some of the recipes found on the menu are classics, some modern, and some are even our own. Enjoy.